Integrated compliance program for regulatory and internal adherence

Compliance refers to following guidelines established by businesses and/or governmental organisations regarding regulations, policies, standards, and laws.

Failure to do so could result in bad performance, expensive errors, fines, penalties, and legal action.

Corporate Compliance and Integration with External Regulations

Regulatory compliance refers to the company's adherence to relevant exterior laws, rules, and standards. Corporate or internal compliance is concerned with the norms, laws, and internal management systems established by a specific business. Integration of the internal compliance management programme with the needs of external compliance is crucial. A method of developing, revising, disseminating, and monitoring compliance policies should serve as the foundation for the integrated compliance programme. Employees should also receive training on these policies.

ProBuddy's Solution for Centralized Compliance Management

We as ProBuddy enables your organization, via market leading compliance solutions, to provide you with an overview of your business compliance in a single view, centralise and automate all work processes related to the administration of regulatory and organisational compliance requirements. Increase company integrity, document roles and responsibilities, safeguard your organisation from the risk of non-compliance, and give regulators strong proof that you are meeting your regulatory requirements.